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Calm relaxation at night depends on the interior of a bedroom. Conditions of the preparation for sleep and a positive mood after awakening have equal importance. Aside the functionality (convenience of a bed, bedside-tables, lighting, a wardrobe’s accommodation), the next essential requirement to modern bedrooms is the aesthetics of the interior and ecological compatibility of materials.

Essential elements of a bedroom design ideas

When developing the custom design of a bedroom, large surfaces of walls, furniture, and the smallest details of ornaments must be taken into account. Interiors of big bedrooms of country houses sometimes can’t be copied in small city bedrooms, but the general principles of dressing for a chosen style remain the same.

Essential elements of a bedroom design are:

  • Furniture layout;
  • Walls and ceiling finishes;
  • Color balance of surfaces;
  • Selection of decorations;
  • Features of a natural and artificial light;
  • Style conformity of draperies and decorative textiles.

Various ways of decorating can be used altogether to achieve a full compliance with the style. With limited opportunities, a chosen style can be reproduced with the most vivid details of the interior.

Beautiful bedrooms of classical styles

The classical style and its versions (neoclassicism, the Biedermeier, and the English Victorian decor) do not lose their admirers and remain timeless.

The reconstruction of the original look of a classical bedroom requires many efforts from the designer and owner. It is hard to find vintage furniture of the appropriate style (preferable from the same master).

It is much easier to use a few antique items, making one of them a visual center of the interior.

There is an antique bedside table in the foreground of this bedroom. It is not hard to choose a matching bed with the proper frame of a headboard, a lamp with a fabric lamp shade, and a frame of a desktop mirror.  As for the rest beautiful bedrooms of the classical style adhere to the most important principles of the historical design: they are not overloaded with excessive details, use light tones of furniture, golden or bronze furnishings. Plaster borders, matching colors of the floor and walls, pastel pattern of textiles look seamless.

Beautiful bedrooms of classical styles

It is easy to trim with fringe curtains, a bed cape, and decorative pillows. Modern details (sockets, electric switches) have to be chosen in similar colors, with a metal edging.

The modernist style is similar to the “classics”, and develops its principles. Smooth wavy lines and refined forms become the main features of interiors; small drawings are allowable. The modernist style doesn’t limit the combination of materials, their various mixtures are possible.

The modernist style is similar to the classics

Light salad and blue colors prevail in the interior of this bedroom; these colors are underlined by a neutral coloring of the furniture and floor. Rectangular forms of the furniture are leveled by the expressive appearance of the wavy bed’s headboards. Shapes of the bed lamps are chosen in the same tone. The refined form of a luster accomplishes the design.

The "Shabby chic" trend in bedroom design

The “Shabby chic” trend is the type of a stylish imitation which uses vintage furniture, modern replicas. “Shabby chic” allows the application of the refurbished old furniture. Wooden furniture of the classic style, Baroque, Rococo is valuable. During the restoration any defects do not hide, cracks, gilding attritions are accented, as a proof of an ancient origin.

The furniture trade has started a commercial manufacture of the “Shabby” furniture, using imitations of the elegant furniture of famous styles.

An ancient locker, mirror frame, frames of pictures that imitate the “classics” come to the forefront in this “Shabby chic” bedroom. The forms of gorgeous draperies of the bed, small decorative pillows with embroidered monograms become the additional accents.

It is necessary to use natural fabrics such as shabby brocade, silk for curtains and a fancy bed cover.  Softened, burnt out shades are obligatory. Walls and floor coloring are being selected in the same tone of the basic items of furniture.

Ideas of a bedroom dressing in ethnic styles

In ethnic styles, the basic idea of the design of a bedroom is the usage of a national color and specific color combinations.

Mediterranean cultures usually use simple shapes of furniture and certain combinations of colors: white, dark blue, terracotta. In this bedroom of the Mediterranean-style, the main principles of the interior is the minimum quantity of furniture, a peculiar combination of white, turquoise, light brown colors.

Primary colors are repeating in strips of a bed cape and coloring of the walls in bedroom

Primary colors are repeating in strips of a bed cape and coloring of the walls.  The floor lamp skeleton, a floor covering, window curtains are close to the color of the unpainted wood. The dressing-table is replaced with a creative shelf, which is being stretched along the bedroom. In such bedroom the associations with a sea coast arise, it is refreshing even in the hot weather. Cold tones will fit city bedrooms, overlooking to the South.

The Japanese style is impossible to completely simulate in a city bedroom. It’s hard to arrange original paper walls; Russian traditions do not accept sleeping on the mats, with a rigid roller under the head.

The Japanese style can be shown with several vivid details.

The Japanese style in bedrrom design Dubai

Sliding doors are typical for Japan (though in a heavier glass adaptation) and the abundance of a light natural wood (for windows, door frames, bed heads) is used for such bedrooms in the Japanese style.

The essential detail that is causing the associations with Japan is a laconic picture above the bed. It is possible to add Japanese engravings on another wall and paper scrolls with hieroglyphs to the interior. Minimalism of the Japanese style doesn’t allow the usage of armchairs, separately standing cases and a dressing-table.

Fashion style “Provence”, which is combining features of a rustic “country” style with the characteristics of historical interiors of the French province, has become a separate version of the ethnic design.

In the “Provence” bedroom it ‘s hard to use such features of the style as dark ceiling beams, a variety of small household subjects (kitchen belongings), and roughly plastered walls.

little bedroom design

In this little bedroom the essential features of the Provencal style such as a nearly imperceptible shade of poverty, historical origin of furniture, specific color scale are reproduced.  For these purposes, the following items are used: a vintage metal bed, shabby bedside table, rough wooden covering of the walls, and provincial picture on the wall. There are favorite shades of the style such as greenish and blue applied to the color scale.

The amateur designer can use other lace shams, covers for pillows, fine porcelain and faience dolls, rough chairs from the painted tree. Dark ceiling beams will finally form the interior in the Provencal style.

Bedroom Design Ideas of a country house bedroom

Spacious rooms of country houses give the freedom for creativity. Bedroom design ideas are free from the economy of space and furniture’s functionality; they can use all decorative opportunities to the full.

Contemporary trends in bedroom desing Dubai

Contemporary trends consider the association with nature as one of the most important principles of the space organization in a country house. Laconic Scandinavian style with the usage of natural materials is close to nature.

The essential principles of the Scandinavian style for this bedroom are the following (bedroom decorating ideas ):

  • application of light tones (light gray walls, white ceilings);
  • simplicity, functionality, laconism;
  • usage of natural materials (wood, leather, flax, cotton)
  • universalism of furniture (multi-box bedside tables, a locker);
  • minimum of decorations ( a couple of pictures, a panel above a fireplace);
  • abundance of open space, light.

The only feature of the Scandinavian style is absent in the interior – essential indoor plants, but it is easy to fix.

Monotony of the interior is interrupted with the imitation of bricklaying. In other interiors, one of the walls painted in contrast color is used for this purpose. It is not necessary for Dubai to use a wooden fireplace beloved by Scandinavians. Gas furnace or electrical fireplace can take its place.

Bedroom ideas for a country house are not limited to spacious rooms. The English style for a country house bedroom complies well with the small rooms of cottages. Historical interiors have developed because of using in small rooms that were reflected in their characteristics.

Bedroom ideas for a country house in Dubai

Historicity of the style is emphasized by the imitation of bricklaying, window frames and vintage engravings. The following distinctive colors are used in the interior: dark brown (for furniture, portieres, and walls), gray (for a bed cover).

The English interior does not allow a bright light. Small sized window and the local accommodation of a warm artificial illumination perfectly match this principle.

A plenty of little decorations (small pictures, photos, dolls) can be used in the interior. Using massive solid armchairs of a dark tree (probably with the bent legs, with leather upholstery, and curved armrests) will emphasize the British coloring.

Ideas of eclectic bedroom interiors for a boy in Dubai

Yes! We have boys bedroom ideas. The expositions that show bedroom interiors for a boy, very seldom can be brought into life. The logical arrangement of furniture and decorations varies quickly. Self-made pictures, large toys and a new engineering arise destroying the initial plan.

These tendencies can be provided beforehand by arranging ideas for a boy bedroom in the “Fusion” style. This multi-colored locker can become a visual center of the eclectic interior.

Children’s’ drawings, retrospective models of tanks or ships, and a modern TV screen in boys bedroom ideas

Children’s’ drawings, retrospective models of tanks or ships, and a modern TV screen will not look strange beside the colorful planes.

It is possible to paint a locker or a case on your own, using the boy’s favorite colors. It is preferable to apply a neutral coloring to walls, avoiding color overload.

The development of common trends in original ideas of teenage bedrooms ideas

Nowadays, the ideas of a teenager bedroom developed by designers are difficult to embody as is. Most of all, the separate room of a senior student performs the functions of a room for lesson preparation and game room.

Functional, light bedroom is frequently arranged according to parents’ taste and does not take the interests of a chief inhabitant into account. Based upon the major principles of the interior, it is possible to involve a teenager into the planning of design details.

Using the compact accommodation of furniture, optimal lighting and eco-friendly materials, it is feasible to decorate a room, taking into account the individuality of a young man and his hobbies.

bedroom in the modern style  in master bedroom designs

Such bedroom in the modern style allows putting rock stars’ posters, soccer teams’ scarves, and photos of favorite players on the large surfaces of the walls.

Eclecticism of the interior uniting the “eco” style on the central space and the “hi-tech” (in a working zone), allows bringing the additional decor without a harm to styles unity. Parents’ advice can concern the places for posters and their color selection.

It is easier for the designer to realize the ideas of the scenery of a bedroom in a girl teenager’s room. There is more order in girls’ bedrooms.  Major principles of the interior are girl’s favorite colors selection and functionality of the space organization.

original layout bedroom design

This bedroom is easy to imagine with the permanent preservation of the original layout. The multi-layered case with shelves is intended for numerous household items. Lilac facings of the bed, a working chair, red frames of the pictures serve as color spots in the interior.

Traditional “girlish” colors (pink, lilac) are not obligatory. It is possible to replace them with any pastel tones which a teenager should choose among favorite colors. While selecting the color grade which also includes the tone of textiles, it is necessary to avoid the immersion of shades of the same color.