Build a house, apartment or office of your dreams! Select interior design company in Dubai that will realize all your desires in life. Our catalog presents the best design bureaus in Dubai. Here you will find sites, addresses, phone numbers and details about the services of designers.

Top 10 Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Rating Interior Design Company
1 Casaprestige
2 Ace Interior Design & Furniture Industry LLC
3 927 Interior Decoration
4 Algedra
5 Al Hilal Engineering Consultants
6 Zeninteriors
7 Broadwayinteriors
8 Ammoria Contracting Company LLC
9 Apple Fitout Interiors
10 3 Square

How to choose the right interior design company in Dubai?

Designer, decorator, architect or full service design company?

To begin, decide what you need to do. If you want to arrange a room with walls that were already built, it is enough to appeal to a designer or decorator. If the apartment is empty, with no interior walls, or you want to build a house from scratch, the architect will help you. An experienced architect will design the right house or flat from a technical point of view and make the interior aesthetically appealing. Experts of design and decoration and competent architects work at full service design studio.

Can I order the interior design project in another city?

Theoretically designers can work with you even from another city. But in practice this option is not always productive. The first impression and the measurements of the object are very important. The professional needs to see with his own eyes and feel the space. In this case the project will meet the expectations of a customer.

Study Dubai Interior Design Company portfolio

Pay attention to niche in which studio of interior design is working. If the most of implemented projects most are apartments and houses, it is safe to say that in front of you experts is on residential spaces. Are there in the portfolio residential buildings, and public and conceptual? Solutions designers working with different spaces are often interesting and original.

Price matters

Focus on the average market price. The professionals are unlikely to agree on a very low fee. Do not choose the cheapest materials: it is a good chance to buy something of poor quality and short-lived.

Look for perception clear and close for your

You must be feeling cozy and comfortable in the new interior, so look for “your” designer. The pledge of successful cooperation is in a mutual understanding between the designer and the client, the similarity of aesthetic views. Even if you and designer understand each other perfectly, in the course of the project there may be differences. But a true professional will always find a compromise and try to implement your idea without sacrificing functionality and the overall style of the interior.

Choosing a Interior Design Company in Dubai, do not rush, do not chase untwisted stars and the lowest rates, and you are sure to find designers who will realize your desires and create the perfect interior.

Top Construction Companies in UAE

Rating Interior Design Company
1 Saleh Constructions Llc
2 Ridge Hills Construction Llc
3 Rawaat Construction Company LLC
4 Prestige Team Construction Llc
5 Matrix Lead Star Constructions Llc
6 Master Building Construction & General Maintenance Llc
7 Dutco Balfour Beatty Construction Group – Interior Division
8 Dubco Construction Llc
9 Decoline Construction & Interior Design
10 City Star Construction Llc
11 Arabtec Construction Llc
12 Zarara Construction